The Business Challenge

In 2015 the music streaming competition had become global brand names, with much larger VC funding or marketing budgets behind them: Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music. Deezer had previously launched in the UK through strategic partnerships but brand awareness was low. To battle the big boys’ budgets, in true challenger mentality, they struck an innovative deal with Channel 4’s Growth Fund Initiative to advertise across their broadcast and online platforms. Our challenge was to make sure that they stood out, and that people remembered their name.


The Practical Dreaming


Channel 4 research highlighted how advertising that aligns with the Channel 4 brand, drives advocacy and relevancy specifically amongst ABC1s 25-44. To align the brand with entertainment content, not the other brands in the ad break, we used Channel 4’s key comedy programming themes as the heart of our idea. Comedy themes such as championing the underdog, enjoying social awkwardness and an entertaining Anti-Hero.

We created a quirky series of announcement ads designed to firmly implant the brand name Deezer into the forefront of minds, via a surreal slideshow of rhyming objects that ‘sound like Deezer’. The random collection of ‘Deezer’ sounding objects are presented on coloured backgrounds directly influenced from the five brand colours in the Deezer logo. 

In a parody of 70s/80s educational video style, and the cult series “Look Around You”. We broke the conventions of the ad break around us. Silence, awkward timing, slow pace, repetition and simplicity all contributed to the stand-out nature of the campaign. 


The Results


Taking a direct approach to TV saw the campaign increase Deezer’s base in the UK by 300% and drove uplift of their brand name threefold.