THE cult of Louis theroux

louis theroux.jpg

While watching Louis' search to infiltrate the world’s supposedly biggest cult, Scientology, it’s hard not to reflect over his very own group of loyal followers. And let’s be honest – we're probably part of this cult. But is that so bad?

It started pretty cult-like from the outset, 100s of cinemas across the country screening My Scientology Movie at the same time to a captive audience of 1000s. With a live Q&A led by Adam Buxton with Louis & director John Dower straight after.

The film: we laughed non-stop. Louis’ performance is gold and his story of Scientology is VERY entertaining. But here’s the thing: he doesn't manage to experience the religion first-hand, he talks to people who have left the “cult” (and they are probably not exactly neutral), then hires actors to re-enact scenes based on the ex-members’ stories.

It's definitely a piece of comedy, but should we see the film as 'truth'? After all, he is calling the film ‘My Scientology Movie’ – not exactly objective. Have we become blind towards the genre ‘documentary’? And should we trust everything and anything coming out of the mouth of the charismatic Louis? These are questions we couldn’t help but ask, especially when seeing the crowd go mad to ask the filmmaker questions during the Q&A. Has Louis in fact formed his own cult? 

Maybe he has. And maybe we should be more critical. But then again, there are worse people in the world right now who are claiming to be the voice of ‘truth’, and these people have a lot more power. So hey… if we have to choose a cult, we don’t really mind it being Louis’.