Get UK music fans to stay with O2 or switch to O2 by growing perception of O2 as a music brand through their brand partnerships with AEG and Live Nation.


  • Always on approach to activation: We developed a scaleable activation and content plan that delivered 365 days a year, 24/7 to engage audiences pre/ during/ post their live music experiences.
  • Enhance not detract: We made sure that that all the activity was there to make the music experience better, not to detract from the entertainment.
  • One size doesn't fit all: We made tailored activation packaged that were themed to fit different fan groups.
  • Credibility: Our aim was to turn sponsorship on its head, and make the venues feel like O2-owned, not O2-badged.


  • An always on approach to activating:
    • New brand guidelines for use in the live music space, to ensure that the brand could be translated into a world that was relevant and authentic for live music audiences. 
    • Designed and built brand spaces in all venues, and thousands of brand experiences themed to the artists. 
    • Set-up the social media network for all venues, with a central hub O2AcademyTV. 
    • Set-up a content production network across the UK, and produced all artist content. Managed content feed out to venue pages and supported with our network of digital angels.


  • In 2013, O2 became the No.1 brand associated with music.
  • Amongst UK music fans, we increased consideration for O2 by 9 points and contributed to a churn reduction over the whole business.
  • Beyond the live experience we have increased Facebook fans by over 1,000,000 and achieved over 10 million content views on YouTube.
  • Our work has been crowned European Best Brand Sponsorship of The Year