Are you struggling to keep up with the constant need to create more content? Whether you’re a brand, celebrity, politician or porn star, chances are you’re faced with an overwhelming need to keep up with the ever-churning content vortex that is the internet.

But where is all the practical advice out there to help you keep creating quality content to keep up with the masses?

Here at pd3, it’s our mission to liberate all you frustrated content creators.

We want to de-bunk those content myths that stop your creativity in its tracks, offering a helping hand to help you make more of it, to:

  1. Achieve epic volumes of content
  2. Make that content the best it can be

So here they are, in Part I we give you the first 3 of our myth-busting tips for keeping up with the volume, quality and relevancy demands of the modern content landscape.

1/ What’s Your Spirit Animal

2/ Think Free First

3/ 101 Ideas in Your Pocket





  • Did you know Victorinox fans are most likely to identify with Bearded Dragons as their spirit animal?
  • Deezer users are more likely than your average Joe to identify with a Reeve’s Turtle (?!?) than the national average
  • Playstation gamers tend to fancy themselves as an Otter when compared to the general population
    Source: YouGov

But what does it all mean for you and your content??

FACT: Quirks and oddities make great content.

We’re pretty sure that 99.999% of you would look to your audience first to begin building a content strategy that is relevant to them. But how often do you look past the bog standard demographic data and delve deeper into the murky and marvellous world of what really makes them tick?

pd3 always look to find interesting and unexpected ways to connect with audiences by doing just that. 

We call it post-demographic profiling and we use YouGov to do it (not only do they record spirit animals, they have loads of great attitudinal and cultural insights that can make excellent content hooks).

Audience insights that at first seem bizarre, trivial or even controversial COULD provide the extra oomph to help your content resonate with your audience.

Embrace Your Inner Stalker

First things first, start with your standard demographic data (age, sex, buying power) to lay your audience foundations. 

Then it's time to embrace your inner stalker and find those juicy titbits to amplify what you already know. 

  • What do they eat for breakfast? Porridge or Coco Pops?

  • GoT, Stranger Things or House of Cards?

  • Are they Brexiters? Corbynistas or Mayists?

  • What’s their spirit animal and what does it say about them? Lone wolves, sleepy sloths or wise owls?




Think free first

Now that you’ve discovered that your audience are Corbynista sloths who LOVE Game of Thrones, before you come up with any ideas…

Think Free First.

Budget can be a bitch. But it doesn’t always have to hinder your creativity. 

Being clever from the offset will unearth new and often surprising opportunities.

If you can find a distribution opportunity that means you can hit your targets while only spending half as much as you had planned for paid promotion, then you’re quids in on production possibilities.

If you work out a free or cheap way to do the production without sacrificing the quality, you can spend more on reach and smash your targets!



101 ideas in your pocket

If you just think in one off ideas, likelihood is that your creative will run smack bang into a brick wall. 

Following up your one off idea with subsequent standalone creative will take up a loads of energy, drain your creative juices, time and money - basically lone ideas aren’t very cost effective!

But what’s the alternative? 

We like to give our clients ideas they can create themselves (you heard right). Thinking in platforms means that ideas are bountiful and anyone can come up with them. 

We like to arm brands with platforms that inspire and encourage internal idea generation, liberating them to run free with creative and embrace their inner creator.

We love a toolkit!

Do You Have A Creative Idea Or A Creative Platform?

Creative ideas

  • Generally one hit wonders - with limited shelf life
  • May have to go back to the drawing board to think of something new once that idea is spent
  • Tend to take one form - that’s all folks….
  • Taken at face value - does what it says on the tin

Creative Platform

  • Lots of opportunity for re-invention. The possibilities are endless
  • 101 ideas already in your pocket. Fruitful platforms come with pre-made ideas
  • Can be tweaked and optimised, designed to test and learn
  • Tend to get people excited and spark even more creative thoughts. The sky is the limit






What's Your Spirit Animal?

For CAT Footwear we delved deeper into our audience behaviours to find new cultural and lifestyle contexts to feature product.  We looked at the audience more holistically, from what they did at the weekend and with whom, their holiday wishes and dreams, DIY hates and loves to who they stalked on Twitter.

We then played cupid and matched lifestyle moments with the right products.

At the heart of this project was an epic flow chart that helped match one of four audience groups with the right message, context and product.

The result – more likes on product imagery that resonated with CAT’s audience.


Think Free First

For O2 music sponsorship, knowing that artists had a lot of free time in the venues prior to their gig, we put this free time to use with a series of content formats that were either in or nearby anddidn't require too much from them. 

O2 paid for production, in return we wanted the artist’s time (they were there anyway!).  The more we grew the online communities, the more attractive our offer became - management companies, labels and promoters now pro-actively will try and sell their artists to the channel - it’s become a known promotion channel for them.


101 Ideas in Your Pocket

For Safestore, we came up with a simple creative platform that unlocked a shift in thinking for them and helped their internal team get creating content themselves.

Knowing that self storage isn't particularly inspiring subject matter, our personal mission was to find a new, interesting and emotive angle.

By finding a new purpose and content platform ‘Stuff is Great’, we helped Safestore find new ways in to bloggers, reaching new audiences in the millions.