Vashi's new retail experience allows every customer (individual or couple) to design and make their own diamond jewellery, from engagement rings through to necklaces, earrings and bracelets. This level of personalisation for every customer is a category-breaking concept aiming to change the way people shop for diamonds and reinvigorate the core luxury principle of individuality. PD3 worked with Vashi to create a new campaign that specifically targeted those experience-led consumers, daring enough to participate in their diamond engagement ring making.  

The through the line campaign, The Brave Make, calls out the personalisation at the core of the brand’s proposition – a call to create a truly unique ring with the help of Vashi’s in-store Guardian Angels and jeweller Alchemists (below). At the heart of the campaign is a manifesto film that speaks to an honest, raw, modern-day attitude to love and marriage, rather than the unrealistic, saccharine positioning held by much of the jewellery industry.

 In 2017, many of the constraints, labels and barriers dictating how, who and why we love have been removed, so love can really be what you want to make it. Everyone is free to choose what works for them. Investing your time, heart and soul into creating your piece of jewellery will always have more emotional impact than an off the shelf purchase.  


The treatment had to be visually striking to stand out to the target audience, but remain premium and trustworthy to befit this high-value, much considered purchase.  Working with DBLG, the visual treatment was inspired by the concept of a “love rave”. The laser-filled film took influence from the light refractions and lasers that diamond jewellers use to set diamonds. The campaign sits across, online, social media, print, digital OOO and in retail.

Vashi Dominguez, Founder and CEO of Vashi: “I am delighted with the campaign. The Brave Make speaks to an audience excited and prepared to create, earning the right to say  ‘I made this for you’ to someone they love .”

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