Ticketmaster briefed PD3 to create a B2B sales film that could be used across their business and which embodied their brand values, celebrated their 40th anniversary, and inspired clients to imagine the incredible live events the next 40 years might bring. 

The events that Ticketmaster and their partners bring to life are emotive and memorable for their customers. They make your heart swell with anticipation and the hairs stand up on your arm. Our film needed to do the same to truly evoke the significance of what Ticketmaster and its partners can offer the hundreds of thousands of people who attend their live events each year, unforgettable moments.

Working with director Ben Falk of Odelay Films, we developed a concept that would show Ticketmaster’s partners not only the functional side of what the brand does but also the emotional experience it facilitates for its customers, applying a B2C approach to a B2B sales tool.

"The ability to tell this more emotive story for our clients was delivered in a way that we haven’t done before, and the film was so powerful that we opened our first Ticketmaster Client Summit with it to great effect. It has been used in several markets around the world as a B2B sales tool already and has been highly effective in both external and internal reminders of why, 40 years on, we strive to be the best in what we do for our clients and for ourselves."  

Joanna Young, Associate Director of Marketing Service, Ticketmaster

Our work was awarded Bronze in the B2B category at the 2017 Brand Film Festival.

PD3 Content Ticketmaster Award winning